Cancellation Policy:

Cancellation within 60 days of tour departure will result in loss of deposit. Cancellation within 45 days of departure will result in a 25% penalty. Cancellation within 30 days of departure will result in a 50% penalty. Cancellation within 14 days of departure will result in 75% penalty. Cancellation within seven days of departure will result in no refund.

Airline Tickets, Event Tickets, Theater Tickets

Airline tickets, event tickets, or theater tickets are non refundable once purchased. There will be no penalty with the exception of air, if the seat can be resold.

Airlines: Many airlines are in the process of merging and creating alliances, resulting in schedule changes and code share flights. As the airlines consolidate and eliminate non-profitable routes we often find the non-stop flights are going away. The airlines are also adding fees from everything from checking baggage; carry on luggage, weight restrictions, food, a pillow and any thing else they can think of.  Tye’s top Tour & travel will do all we can to inform you of these fees and schedule changes but it is the individuals responsibility to verify flight times 24 hours in advance of travel. The airlines have no obligation to inform you of new fees or schedule changes but often try to notify as a courtesy.  If you fail to check into an international flight 2 hours prior to departure the airlines reserve the right to deny you boarding. If you do not check in a minimum of 1 hour prior to your domestic flight the airlines can deny you boarding. You will also be denied boarding if you do not have a government issued id. Homeland security requires the collection of birth dates and sex of all travelers flying on any commercial aircraft in the US. Tye’s Top Tour & Travel acts only as an agent and can not be held responsible if you fail to reconfirm flights or the airlines charge you additional fees.

Cruise Cancellations: All cruise lines begin cancellation penalties for any cancellations made with in 75 days prior to sailing. 75 – 60 days prior to sailing the standard penalties are 25% 59 days to 45 days prior to sailing50%, 44 days to 30 Days prior to sailing 75%, within 30 days loss of all deposits and no refunds. Cruise lines expect to be paid in full before the penalty phase begins. All though each cruise line has its own policies this is the general rule of thumb.