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What Level Of Customer Service Are You Delivering, Is It The Best it Can Be?

Over the last few weeks I had some experiences that allowed me to question what type of service the staff at Tye’s Tours was delivering.
To start with over the summer I have been searching for a new bank that would not shut down company debit cards when an online purchase was made, or when my team was traveling to a different locale. The bank I have been using for the last 20 years began shutting down our debit cards, no matter what information we provided to security. The branch manager tried to assist me to no avail. She believed she was providing me with excellent customer service, however on a higher level there was no support for her efforts. Thus her attempt to provide me with customer service was negated.
I spent several hours with bank number 2, talking to the manager making sure they understood my needs and that a community bank could meet my needs. After several months with great effort the security at the bank kept shutting down the debit cards after any online purchase. When I needed help on the weekends there was no support staff. This bank also had great customer service but the bank support was awful, again negating the customer service.
On to bank 3. I spent hours trying to build a relationship with this bank, went out to lunch with vice president. This bank also provided great upfront customer service. Same issue with debit cards making the upfront customer service useless. The time spent formed a business friendship but did not meet my banking needs.
On to bank 4. I found a bank that was able to meet my needs yea!!! The person I was working with was efficient, but a jerk. He got the job done but there would never be a relationship with this person at the bank. He made it very clear he was doing a job and nothing more. This is where the important part of my story begins. I was on tour and having a challenge getting the new debit card to activate. The card would not activate using the 800 number and when I got a live person, there was a twit that told me I could only activate cards using the automated system. When I asked for her supervisor she put me on hold for 15 minutes. Fortunately, I went into the local branch of my new bank and the assistant branch manager was working as a teller. I had the good luck to have this person wait on me. She immediately left the teller line took me to her office and gave me undivided attention. She fixed my problem, made me feel welcome, and offered me services I did not know were available. She got my online banking set up and set up other business banking services for me. At the end of the transaction she walked me outside to make sure the debit card was working. She kept telling me to look out, as cars often zip around the corner at excessive speed. She made me feel so good that I wanted to send flowers to her. ( If she was a little older I would have tried to date her). When I was leaving she handed me her boss’s business card and told me that if I ever had problems with this bank, this is the person who could fix it. I decided at that time that was the level of customer service I wanted to strive for. I realized that although my customer service is good, both myself and my team could do better. Whoever trained this woman did an exceptional job and I sent a note to her manager telling her how good her assistant is. I can’t remember the last time I felt a genuine connection to a person at a bank. I was blown away when she handed me her boss’s card telling me she could fix anything. The genuine warmth, caring, and respect for her supervisor and customers is something I seldom experience on any level.
I had a second customer service experience the same day. I had an infection in my jaw and overnight my jaw had swollen to the point that it looked like an orange was stuck in my jaw. On a pain level of 1-10, I was at 8. I had a tour booked and picked up the passengers and did the morning tour. I was eating pain killers like candy and not sure I would finish the tour. I put the passengers on the afternoon sightseeing boat and went directly to Convenient MD. The nurse looked up my records from my local Convenient MD and I was with a doctor in minutes. The doctor prescribed penicillin, had it on location and I was on my way shortly. In a very short time the swelling went down and the pain level dropped almost immediately. I could not have asked for better or more timely care. What truly surprised me was a call from the nurse the next day, asking how I was feeling. I was on tour and did not get the call but a voice message. What I wonderful feeling to have a doctor’s office treat me as a person and not a paycheck. I was impressed with this level of service from the doctor and the nurses.
As I was reflecting on these two incidents I was asking if the customer service at Tye’s Tours was as good as it could be? Did I have customers wanting to send me flowers, because I or someone on my team did what was right? Were we following up with customers on a regular basis? Could Tye’s Tours do a better job than what we were doing? Were we like bank one, two, three or were we like the woman at bank four? I have set the goals for 2019 to be like the woman at bank four that gave me the warm, fuzzy feeling for just interacting with her and like the doctors and nurses that took care of me when in pain at Convenient Md. I want to be so good at what I do that my customers will be writing reviews about the service they received from Tye’s Tours like I am writing now.
Mel Tye
Tye’s Tours
9 Riverside Dr.
Merrimack, NH 03054
Just a quick note to let you know that the Winter Carnival in Quebec tour was fabulous
Just a quick note to let you know that the Winter Carnival in Quebec tour was fabulous